Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ode to 43 Years of nation building

red, white, stars and crescent..
shouldnt we be proud of our nation?
she brought us up, educate and kept us safe,
only for us to all escape.
where is the patriotism inculcate?
it is all left to rot at a foreign land's gate.
who would be left here in this nation of ours in years to come, foreigners, expatriates and lots of useless bums..

Monday, August 04, 2008

Whatever one does, there are repercussions.

The consequences are not borne by the perpetrator, but always people around, descendants, friends.

This is what they call the waterfall effect, it trickles down from the top till the bottom. And the bottom suffers for things that they didn't do.

So people, do think before you act. What you do now may not seem much, temptations succumbed, sins committed, but it'll come back and haunt you, your kids, your future.

Think twice, that's my only advice.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Mastercard Moment..

Dinner at a street hawker..... $12.50

Petrol at Caltex.............. $82.75

Getting caught kissing in the car at your girlfriend's place by her dad..............


For everything else, there's Mastercard.

Mastercard Moment

2nd Hand Car = $24,200.00

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 lives, 2 hearts, 2gether..

today happens to be me n jan's 2nd month anniversary.. Happy 2nd Month Dearest! =) i was asked by her to update my blog, cos if everybody noticed, i've been away since november. i can see jap's tag on my board going "got gf no blog already la" or sumwhere along tat line.. but there's nothing much to update except janet janet n janet.. den shaun gonna say im doing a jeryd again.. it's hard being me, mr popular.. =D

anyway happy birthday to me, 11 days ago.. we went to Batam to celebrate my bdae and i had tons n tons of fun.. the thing is tat 3/4 of the resort was down for renovation so facilities were down to a pool, a pub, a makeshift spa and a restaurant.. but we still had so much fun together.. this shows that company counts more than place or events.. =)

Monday, November 26, 2007

BJ at Dempsey's..

was at Ben & Jerry's down in Dempsey just now. it was in a colonial mansion n the decor was excellent. Nice ambience and wonderful sitting place. We sat on a pedestial of sort with cushions and a short table watching the world while the world watches us as though we were in a TV.. anyway i'm tired and look at the pics.. =P

view frm the top..

smiling couple..

bus uncle..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

j & j..

I think this is old news by now but I'm still going to announce it here. Yes, Janet & I are happily together. =) Look at the bottom picture to see who's Janet if you dunno by now.

we went for this andy warhol exhibition at mohd sultan. he's the artist tat gave us the colourful picture of the likes of marilyn monroe and mao zedong. pretty enlightening experience cos to be honest, it's the first art exhibition ive been to! we got ourselves silk screen printing of andy himself and it was screwed up! check the bag out n u'll noe.. =/

Monday, November 12, 2007

ice 3...

There's this place at serangoon gardens that serves deserts called, Ice3, Ice Cube for short (yes, i told u it was Ice 3, =D). It had been there for ages, since i was staying at serangon north but never once had i visited it till last night.

It has a pretty nice ambience with blue litted table bar top and unique dishes. We had a sundae called 6Cs, apparently there are 6 different ingredients starting wif C. I didn't keep track so I'm going to save on the explanation and show u the sundae below.

On the other hand, we watched Lust, Caution, the uncensored version. And man, now I know why they had to cut off those scenes. It was Kamasutra personified! Quoted from Janet, I'll never see Tony Leung the same again.

blue tabletop..

let me leave you with this short segment i saw on MTV just now. It's the lead singer of 30 seconds to mars, Jared Leto on stage. So the little dialogue went like that.

Jared: PEACE!!
Jared: FREEDOM!!

that just tickled me. =D

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

dutch treat..

With constant pressure comes a new post. It's not that I don't want to post anything but just that I don't know what to post. But anyway since I'm so popular and everybody's asking for me, here's a post on where i'd been just now. :P

Ok, we didn't have dutch cuisine but Janet and I went to Holland V for dinner. We had some pretty good zhi char (no shaun, we didn't run away.. we paid) with delicious beef and cereal squid. Apparently the owner of the coffeeshop or the zhi char store belongs to the dad of one of my footie teammates. Coincidence and his dad struck an uncanny resemblance to mine. Long tied hair, fat and a garang face. After dinner, we walked around and chance upon Cold Rock Ice Creamery. Call me a mountain tortoise but it's the first time I had ice cream in such a manner. Basically u choose a flavour, then some fillings, after which the people there would mash everything up on a cooled marble slab. It tasted pretty decent but it was an experience, though we didn't get to sit on the swing. Damn! Enough said, look at the pics below for illustration. =)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Popcorn saga..

I had a super duper uber enjoyable day with certain hilarious incidents. We were going to catch Hunting & Gathering (which is a great french movie, 5 ***** s) and saw this pink tin that was part of the popcorn package promotion. So we decided to get it though we just had a filling lunch. As we wanted to keep the tin clean for other purpose, we asked the lady on the other side to separate the popcorn from the tin. Put in a regular popcorn box or something. Instead, as soon as we finished our sentence, she scooped the popcorn into the tin can and both of us were dumbfounded. That wasn't the end, she took another plastic bag, poured the popcorn from the tin can into it. At that point in time, we just look at each other and didn't know what to say! We paid the 10 bucks for the package and started laughing at the outcome of our simple instruction. It was damn awkward to walk around with a bag of popcorn, a plastic bag at that, and having the clean can we want, dirty. Here, check the popcorn out with our beautiful model!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

classic conversation #2

I'm going to start this new segment as above. Realised that my conversations with my friends are hilarious. But of course, to protect the identities of the participants, I shall not use their real names nor their MSN nicknames in order for their own safety. Today's topic is about lunchboxes. Please enjoy! =D

jeryd says (2:57 PM):
den wat u gonna do wif his lunchbox?

Mr Jamaica (author's note: not his real nick) says (2:57 PM):
lol, serve it to you in bun :P

Mr Jamaica. says (2:57 PM):
with mustard and cheese

Mr Jamaica says (2:58 PM):
hur hur

jeryd says (2:58 PM):

jeryd says (2:58 PM):
i tink jm would like it

Mr Jamaica says (2:58 PM):

Mr Jamaica says (2:58 PM):

Mr Jamaica says (2:58 PM):
maybe shaun too?

Mr Jamaica says (2:58 PM):
he like all things black but half cooked

jeryd says (2:58 PM):

jeryd says (2:58 PM):
medium rare

Mr Jamaica says (2:59 PM):
wah nb

Mr Jamaica says (2:59 PM):
beef is come out blood

Mr Jamaica. says (3:00 PM):
this one is semen

Mr Jamaica says (3:00 PM):

Mr Jamaica says (3:00 PM):
but shaun is an extremist, he'll challenge himself to finish it

Sunday, October 21, 2007

tie a knot..

the title mean 2 things, it's about a tie and how to tie a tie knot.. im a sucker at tying a tie and mine would usually be too long or too short.. not to mention the knot would definitely be out of shape! so i got sumone to do it for me.. she was so nice to tie it at 1am after juz reaching home.. appreciate it loads.. :) so here guys, see the end product.. isn't tat a well chosen tie with a terrific knot to match it? :D

Friday, October 12, 2007


our speculation has been answered..
the following an excerpt from my conversation with jianming..

ιαимιиg ㋡ says:
wat gf?!

jeryd says:

jeryd says:
weiting la

נιαимιиg ㋡ says:

jeryd says:

jeryd says:
female fren

נιαимιиg ㋡ says:
maybe i date her later

נιαимιиg ㋡ says:

there u go guys, jianming expresses his feelings! :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

shelf of sin..

I got myself a shelf of sin. Only realised when i placed my newly acquired Erdinger Oktoberfest 07 set that i have so many sins on display. There's obviously alcoholism comprising the biggest portion with Erdinger, Hoegaarden, Red Wine, Champagne and Moscatel (Portuguese Dessert wine) lining up. Followed closely by a Cuban cigar acquired in Macau and a box of match sticks from Sands Macau (casino) to symbolise gambling. On the foreground we have the mug of a motorcycling GANG and last but not least theft of the beer mug. OK lemme clarify that it's not a theft, but more like an unspoken gift. Due to this I've decided to have a program for myself, a good deed a day. That's what I'm going to do just to clean up a little of my tainted record. :)

This is long overdue but i won tickets to the Daughtry showcase a couple of weeks ago! Yeah! My very first contest prize! So I invited liz along and had lots of fun singing along and also at the after party with friends we just made. Enough said, let the pictures say the rest.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


National service, 2 years of our time, once in our life. I can't agree more when people say that it's a waste of time and it causes us guys to be lagging behind the girls in terms of academic and work experience. But there's something I can't deny after sieving through all the shit, that the people and the bonds that were forge during those days are really tough and unbreakable.

Truthfully speaking, I didn't go through a whole load of shit that normally a typical soldier would go through but my BMT was especially memorable. I was in the toughest company for that particular batch, Mohawk. Through the tough times, real bonds were forge. Bryan, my immediate buddy, and Joe, my neighbouring section buddy. We came through the ranks together even though we kept whining that we want to dropout. We stuck through the remainder years of NS and now all 3 of us are on different parts of the world. Bryan is in the states, future millionaire (in USD!), Joe's in England bedding the chicks there. Just met Joe for one last meetup before going back to England and it was kind of emotional as he won't be back till next yr or worse, never. Embarrassed to say, we were close to tears. This just exemplify how close the three of us are. I'm really sad that we can't meet each other as often as we want to but we know the friendship and brotherhood we forge would not break and disappear. All the best buddies! We'll meet soon.. Somewhere..

taken 2 years ago..Bryan, Joe and me

Friday, September 28, 2007

when it's over and done, it shouldn't be revived or raked up..
leave it as it is, life goes on even better than before..
phoenix do resurrect, but don't try your luck..
this won't be alive again, I won't answer your call..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

two or four?

the above title refers to wheels. two or four wheels? motorcycles or cars? we shall leave out vehicles like vans and such if any of you guys going to argue with me on the definition of four wheels, for this piece of crap i'm writing, let's restrict it to cars.

now, what spur me to write this is the mentality of girls these days. i wouldn't want to stereotype and typecast all girls but let's say the majority ok? nowadays, a guy riding a motorcycle is deem as 2nd class and not as sought after compared to one driving a car. bikers are normally ah bengs with low education in their eyes, immature guys who can't let go of their toys and grow up into the safe haven of a car. i beg to differ.

i've been riding for 5 years come the 29th this month and that marks half a decade. Am i uneducated? I'm an undergraduate. Am i an Ah Beng? i speak good english. Am i immature? At times for the fun of it but not of life. But apparently, i would say, educated girls dun see it that way. We see riding as a hobby, a lifestyle, not just for the thrill of the speed. But we've been rejected in more ways than one. It seems a motorcycle is never good enough. And to find girls who are accepting to bikes, we are limited to the younger, more adventurous ones or those who has the same hobby, just that these are a handful. So my question here is that why can't the general public see it differently? see us as equals? and my question being what's the fuss over motorcycles on safety? granted that we are the frailty of the road but it all depends on the rider. And what doesn't constitute a car to be dangerous? Look at those with smashed hoods, overturned and in the drain and those in the ditch. Did anybody think about that? I don't think so, to them what are the odds of that happening. But ladies and gentlemen, it's ever increasing.

Let me just end of by saying give that biker and his bike a chance. You might like the feeling of riding, the scenery when riding. Like someone(i have no idea who) said, driving is like watching a movie, riding is being in one. Be in one to know whether you like it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

long overdue...

I'm getting screwed left, right & centre due to my non-existence in this blog. Even got bankai-ed by Jap but you guys can't blame me if u guys know what's my schedule like! But with everything submitted, debate over, all I'm waiting for is my term exams next week. Crazy lifestyle I heard someone say?? Mind you, this is just school life. Not to mention stress and politics from work, finding time for friends, gf, family and my own injury problems. But nonetheless, I'm still alive and let me bring you through the last couple of weeks ya?

Lets start with Jap's and Shaun's birthday celebration at Paulaners' Millenia Walk on the 31st of August. Oh the 2 leads for the night were late for at least half an hour and one was busy distributing flyers! Anyway that's secondary because we enjoyed the night, the company and the booze! And of course the long long walk to Iguana's from Millenia walk.

Disclaimer: weeli, shaun was just making conversation.

I was really up to the neck from then on with projects and with deadlines looming, I was practically having a race against time, one which I was losing. Luckily everything worked out fine with me managing to squeeze in time for a day ride to Malaysia. A gruelling ride spanning 900km in 15 hours in a day. Went to Mersing on the east coast, and further up to Kuantan on the NE, before crossing towards the west to Genting and back home.

Yes, sharktooth there is mine

I reached home at 2am on that nite, which is the 8th, only to wake up on the 9th at 7am for Climb On Singapore with Team NYP. Minus finfin the great though. His replacement was up to the mark by all means, of course he was, it's his dad! I'm seriously amazed that at his age, he's still so fit! Way to go uncle! I didn't do too badly in retrospect although I could have done better if my fingers didn't slip. Then there would be less "F**K!" when I fall. Nonetheless, it was great climbing again with this bunch of pals and all the crazy things we do. Note: no macdonald breakfast before climb, bloated!

on our first wall of the day..

Disclaimer: weeli, it was nothing, just being friendly.

Team NYP on Big Mama.. (suggestive name for that hole)

To think that after a crazy, frantic weekend, I would want a quieter start to the week. WRONG! I took half day leave to visit the friendly neighbourhood Orthopaedic specialist at TTSH. Apparently I have to take a $475 MRI to confirm the condition of my knee. To "celebrate" such an ecstatic news, I went for some karaoke with my classmates. Another long overdue event that was pushed back time and again due to clash of schedules. I found my Wu Bai khakis and had lots of fun. To think that older girls can be fun too!

Note: 3 out of 4 girls there are older than me, hence the old girl comment. :D

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

moment in time...

just had this moment that was so perfect, a picture can't do it justice, words can never describe how it feels and speech becomes incoherent when explaining it. will treasure that moment which stopped time and made everyone disappear. birdy hearts u~ :)

this was where we first met not knowing that we were to be singing together with our mutual friend. you noticed me and me likewise to you, is it just fate? whatever it was, i'm glad it brought us together and i know it'll last for a very very long time...

and this is me with 2 of my favourites in life, bunny and harley..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Classic weeli conversation..

sigh I think it is a trend to not finish your paper.... shit says:
how do you connect USB drives?

sigh I think it is a trend to not finish your paper.... shit just sent you a Nudge!

jeryd says:

jeryd says:
theres definitely more to tat question

jeryd says:
wat u mean?

sigh I think it is a trend to not finish your paper.... shit says:

sigh I think it is a trend to not finish your paper.... shit says:
how do you attach a USB drive to the computer?

sigh I think it is a trend to not finish your paper.... shit says:
need get some files from

sigh I think it is a trend to not finish your paper.... shit says:
where to plug it in?

jeryd says:
to a usb port?

jeryd says:
are u weeli?

sigh I think it is a trend to not finish your paper.... shit says:
which one is the usb port?

sigh I think it is a trend to not finish your paper.... shit says:
yah i am weeli

so that was the conversation wif weeli i had during lunch time. can somebody please tell the aliens to return the real weeli? he has been asking me IT questions!! weeli, asking me computer related questions! it's like asking george bush wat's world peace or asking Bill Gates the secret to the iPod~ he's screwing wif my head. but he asked me an IT related question last night that he really didnt know and tat gave me an ego boost(to quote a certain bunny). i'm savouring the moment still. HAHA! take tat fin!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

i wabbit u..


Special seems ordinary beside you,
I can't believe all these are coming true.
Special feelings I have I can't deny,
lifting me up all the way to the sky.
A thousand and one emotions came flooding into me,
but I know this isn't something dreamy.
A thousand and two emotions come gushing into you,
all these just feel so new.
You and I are just meant to be,
we are special, can't you see?
God brought us here together,
in which we remain, forever.

the bird and the bunny.. :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

all play and no work...

yes i shldn't be doing tat but i have been and i hope i can catch up on whatever that needs to be done.

went for our long awaited KTV session with the usual gang of jas, ed and jane. and as usual we sang till we lost our voice with me and edwin forming a 2 men Bon Jovi screaming to Living on A Prayer. some snippets to follow.

the rest minus me..

n i got a bankai-ed by jane.. what does a microphone zanpaktou do?

and this is long time coming. I should had caught it when it first opened in cinemas here. What I'm talking about? It's The Simpsons! Finally got to watch it just now with jane and guess what, we sat in The Simpsons' couch! I look like an idiot trying to pose as though i just dropped from the sky like Homer does. It was a freaking funny movie, we practically laughed throughout the movie and i believe jane lost her sleepiness as soon as the movie started. :) spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig can~

jane simpson with her family..

me looking silly..

Sunday, July 29, 2007

enjoying a solo ride..

I've just been too lazy, too busy and too tired to come up with any new entries. And I apologise to all my loyal fans for my absence.

Want to wish Daryl a happy belated birthday and bro, you have 5 more years before the big THREE-O, good luck! The guys and I were at Midsummer Night Breeze at Pasir Ris Park the night before his birthday and played silly games which i totally sucked at. I really have no idea how all these games work, I guess it's only for students with nothing better to do to come up with things like that! We went down all the way to Balestier for Bah Kut Teh at the restaurant with walls filled of pictures of the owner and various stars. So I offered myself to the owner, hey, it's not everyday he get to take a picture with Mr. Anything!

midsummer night breeze..

Went to Uncle Vincent's place for dinner. It had been ages since we last met him and the rest, so we suspected that something might happened, that's why we were invited for dinner. Things like Charmaine(his daughter) getting pregnant! haha! but that was the day where all 4 of our bikes were parked together. Check it out!

clockwise frm left, dad's, mum's, bro's, mine!

Watched the latest installment of the Harry Potter movies with Ivy, SL, Tammi and Shuang, my proj group mates for this term. I was practically drag by them as i have absolutely no interest at all!! but it kinda triggered something after the movie, making me feel like reading the book or continuing catching the next 2 in the series. And before entering the cinema, i had to take a picture with my brother, Barthelomeuw.

Bart and I

I'm actually starting to enjoy climbing all over again. Went climbing this morning at NUS with Shaun and manage to complete a couple of routes. I feel as though the feeling is coming back to me but i guess i still need to build up on the strength department. met new people as well, Khai, a NUS friend of Sheryl and Shaun. and after climbing, i try to do my part for the society by visiting the red cross home. the patients there never fail to pull at my heart strings. it really made me ask why are we earning so much money when they are there needing our help? it really shows no meaning of money at all. i feel as though i'm always pulled back to reality after visiting the home, plant my feet back on the ground, to ensure that there's more to life. had a fruitful shopping trip after that with shaun. a cheap pull and bear tee, a pair of cufflinks from river island and FINALLY, my pair of oakleys. i got myself a pair of canteen, rust is the colour. a little brownish with brown lens.

another arty farty pic of sheryl climbing, shaun looking, and khai peeping on the right..

i look like venom wif me on the wall and my tongue sticking out..

cufflinks, tee, and oaks

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Fab 4 returns

the fab 4 returns. we finally climbed together after so long. and my fingers cun move, all thanks to weeli who went, "come on jeryd, u still haf strength in ur hands, u're not shag!" and so i had to continue climbing. :/ again, the pics gonna speak for itself.

jap climbing, weeli belaying, shaun watching. nice?

jap on the wall

me struggling up.


weeli, the only time he's graceful..

official models of chrome.

finally all the chromes unite.

weeli returning the favour? haha!

this is basically a very random post. just wanted to post a pic of our chromes yet again because our dear Shaun complained that his wasnt in the picture. So wat i did was to do some lousy cropping and added his in. pardon my editing skills.

still on the topic of shaun, so as all of us noe, there's this 10 point scale that we used to rate *ahem* and this was wat i told him (i just think tats it was so gd i haf to share wif everybody here). God has his own 10 point scale too but he has to split it among looks and character. So pretty girls don't really have very good characters and not so pretty girls do actually have better characters than them. Gd huh? :)

so heres the pic of the additional chrome. say thank you jeryd, shaun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dinner, Farewell, Climb

ok as u can see frm the order of the title, i had a fantastic dinner on sunday nite wif angeline, a farewell dinner for persis on monday @ waraku, and climbed today wif jap n weeli. now, becos of the last activity, i cun type properly and my fingers cun move as freely as they wan to be. so this is the last sentence of this entry n i shall let the pics speak for itself.

al dente @ esplanade on sunday

we are all sad to see her leave...

jap waiting to climb

weeli dancing while belaying

jap falling.......

..... due to "wing" cramp.

finfin on orange route...

im juz being helpful~

chromes part deux.. (weeli's, mine, jap's)